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About Us

By Scena 9

Published on 13 May 2016

Scena9 is an online publication that charts the cultural scene in Romania (and elsewhere). We bookmark cultural news, write about what is relevant, new, and yet to be discovered life, the goings on that enrich the local cultural landscape. We trigger dialogues between artistic and cultural areas that don’t usually overlap. We watch the new generation of makers from the widest possible range of fields, follow their projects and map their evolution. We seek to etch out the portrait of this new generation that makes our world go round.

The Scena9 website is organized into four main sections: News, Lab, Library, and Salon, based on the notion that, after all is said and done, culture is the space we all inhabit. We want to make our readers feel right at home, experiment, and engage with us.

Here's what you'll find on the Scena9 website:

  • News: news and short reads on the current state of the arts (theater plays, concerts, film screenings, visual art exhibitions, etc.);
  • Laboratory: pieces about the experimental, underground area, about works in progress and how-it’s-made; multimedia pieces (photo series, comics, etc.);
  • Salon: dialogs, interviews, debates, investigations;
  • Theme of the month: one theme, four texts, one per week;
  • Guest room: texts written by our guest writers;
  • Audio and Video.

The Scena9 publishing project is part of a wider strategy coordinated by BRD in support of Romanian culture.

The Scena9 platform is bureaucratically hosted by Asociația Media DoR and benefits from the locative support of the Film ETC. Association and Insula 42.



Luiza Vasiliu - Editor in Chief. Easily carried away, hard to persuade.
Andra Matzal - Editor. Multitasking journalist and commuter.
Ioana Pelehatăi - Reporter. A hipster.
Răzvan Chiruță - Reporter. Till the end.
Vlad Odobescu - Reporter. Our anthropologist from Huși.


Adi Bulboacă - Photographer. He takes the train to the theatre.
George Popescu - Photojournalist. People call him Poqe.
Sorina Vazelina - Illustrator. Half graphic designer, one quarter illustrator, and the other quarter a cartoonist.
Andy Sinboy - Illustrator. A European mutt, he is part Hispania, part Britannia, and part Romania.
Veioza Arte - Indie video studio, documenting Romania’s alternative arts scene since 2008.

Permanent collaborators

Adela Marcov - Amateur cinephile, adult wannabe working for a corporation.
Cristina Voinea - Philosopher in progress. She writes about art and technology.
Mihai Iovănel - Literary critic. Or something (like that).
Filip Standavid - Broadcast journalist. Timpuri Noi + David Lynch + Urmuz.
Paul Petrache - Among the 1% who never graduated the local Film Studies program. M. Pialat and M. Manson strike a chord with him.

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