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John Oliver, a Discreet Superman

by Luiza Vasiliu

In February 2018 I headed over the Atlantic to meet John Oliver. What I talked to him about, who’s the Brit who changed the way we watch the news and how we can (can we?) bring order to the chaos around us—find out next.

My Classmates Told Me I Should Die

by Lina Vdovîi

A 12-year-old Bucharest student resorted to cutting because of her classmates. Even though they should have intervened, the teachers had no idea what to do. Bullying still is an unknown phenomenon to many of Romania’s schools.


by Adrian Cioflâncă

June 2017 marks 76 years since the Iași Pogrom. It started with rumors, but there was another less-known catalyst: the color red.